Catering Ltd

Company Profile

Catering LTD was founded on 1963 by a Chef and an Hotelier,

both with matching dreams-"Quality Food & Impeccable Service"


During the following three decades the small family business took over

the top share of the growing in-flight catering market, becoming first choice for major airlines departing from Tel-Aviv.

Through the total commitment , dedication and being always attentive to the ever changing customer needs ,Catering LTD

maintained its position as the leading in-flight catering out of  Ben-Gurion Airport.

In order to adapt to the requirements of  this demanding market and preparing our selves for the coming Millennium, 

Catering LTD went through a total refurbishment period on the end of the nineties followed by being the first caterer (and food business) to implement  HACCP in Israel.

Today we provide food and services to more than 25 international

carriers (including all the transatlantic airlines) by two different brands:


Catering LTD  - International cuisine

Jet Gourmet   - Executive jets and special flights

the Common Denominator of these brands and Activities is

the combination of the innovative perception of In-Flight Catering and

the basic dream of "Quality Food & Impeccable Service"